WA inquiry finds fracking poses negligible risk

A two-year Parliamentary inquiry has concluded that hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) poses negligible risk.

The WA Legislative Council’s Environment and Public Affairs Committee has also recognised the potential benefits of a shale gas industry “as an employer, an investment generator and a provider of future energy security.”

APPEA Chief Operating Officer – Western Region Stedman Ellis said the report was a strong vote of confidence in the oil and gas industry and urged groups which had campaigned for an inquiry into hydraulic fracturing to accept the committee’s findings.

He said it was notable that the Conservation Council of WA, in particular, had been singled out by the committee for making claims about the industry that were “greatly over-stated” and “not based on evidence.”

“The committee has carefully considered the evidence, it has listened to all sides of the debate and it has unanimously concluded that any concerns about fracking can be addressed through robust regulation and ongoing monitoring,” Mr Ellis said.

“This mirrors the findings of numerous other inquiries and reviews here in Australia and overseas which have found that with careful regulation and industry best practice, fracking can be done safely.”